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"looking to you, bourgeois boy."

(for Sophie, Thea, and everybody else involved in that les mis/the 100 crossover post)


I’m always surprised people don’t talk more about David Thaxton and Nancy Sullivan who, you know, played Enjolras and Eponine together in 2008 and who, you know, are an actual real fucking couple!

Like, we got real life enjonine right here and we’re not using this to our advantage enough!!

This is unforgivable!

Here, have a GIF of them kissing and start discussing/fangirling!



I agree! Not to mention they’re both insanely awesome performers. Thaxton’s enjolras in my opinion is the best ever and Nancy’s voice gives me chills! And they’re getting married next month :)

omg wait theyre getting married!???? :O


GET TO KNOW ME MEME — [1/10] favourite fanon ships

Enjolras & Eponine


e/é modern au: the party

‘you’re staring again, pretty boy.’


prompt fill for alice (cleaning out a closet full of red) and ceara/kaylee (smut for their birthday) so here you go darlings :)

"Who even owns this much of one color? Enjolras this is ridiculous…"

She has been complaining for hours and now, in the middle of their…

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{not my gifs, credit to the wonderful owner}

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It’s those hours in the night just before a lightRun your hand down my spineWe kiss the dusk goodnightGoodnight

It’s those hours in the night just before a light
Run your hand down my spine
We kiss the dusk goodnight

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